Dept of Media Culture& Sport with the assistance of English Heritage NW statutory listed (Grade II) Galkoff`s  15 April 2007

November 2006
Cyril Galkoff

Cyril Galkoff the second eldest son of Percy Galkoff recently passed away (November 2006) in his home town of Bournemouth.  He will  be greatly missed by all who had the privilege and pleasure of knowing him especially those people who have worked hard to prevent the demolition of his former home in Pembroke Place.
Cyril was one of the youngest entrants accepted into Liverpool University and during his successful career as a Dentist in Liverpool's Rodney Street and had the Beatles and Cilla Black as his former patients.
A great loss to us all.

15 April 2007
Dr Cecil Moss

Cecil worked exceedingly hard as guardian of the stunning Princess Road Synagogue, Liverpool.

On the day of his death the DMC&S  statutory listed Galkoff`s . We are so disappointed we were not granted the privilege of giving him the good news.   The listing of Galkoff`s is a fitting tribute to this wonderful, helpful , witty and energetic gentleman and as with Cyril Galkoff he will be sadly missed by us all in Liverpool particularly for his sense of humour and wisdom.

We would like to thank the following people and organisations for their  kind assistance, advice and support in the struggles retaining Galkoff`s for other to appreciate.

  • Lady Margaret Simiey
  • Michael Corfe
  • Fay Corfe
  • Dr Cecil Moss
  • Cllr Richard Kemp
  • Mr C Redman
  • Henry Oewn-John
   (English Heritage)

Many thanks also to the  local residents for their help protecting and securing the properties.

Galkoff Centenary Art Project July 2007
By The pupils of King David High School

  • Percy Galkoff  made and sold a variety of Kosher foods on the premises, such as smoked wurst  he also kept chickens in the rear yard .   The high quality of the products sold attracted a good business from the local non Jewish communities, especially the fresh chickens.

  • Galkoff`s was the first butchers shop in Liverpool to have a refrigerator, and was cooled using large blocks of ice, supplied daily by the local Liverpool Ice Company in Queens Square.  The walk-in refrigerator has long since disappeared.

  • Galkoff`s  was a  supplier of Kosher foods to the passenger ships and Liners of the White Star, Cunard and other well known Liverpool Shipping Companies, that sailed to and from Liverpool, particularly the Trans-Atlantic routes.

  • The John Stubbs & Sons the marble company of Crown Street, Liverpool 8, supplied the 3 inch thick white marble butchers and display slabs, the company also supplied the marble fitted in some of the great  ships and transatlantic liners of the White Star Cunard Liners to name only a few.    They also provide  much of the finishing and monuments of the Mersey Road Tunnel, Queensway.

  • Cyril Galkoff, a WWII veteran who is the son of Percy, recalls his father and the owner of Tomkinsons were very good friends and probably explains the reason why most of the tiles have survived.   The best quality tiles, supplied and fitted by a friend who happens to be the one of best Builders.   Cyril was one of the youngest undergraduates to be  accepted at Liverpool University becoming a Dentist and practising from Rodney St in Liverpool until his retirement to the sunny south coast. 

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